• 22 December 2020
  • ConnectGene Care Team

Using multiple approaches to genomic testing, a new study has identified key characteristics associated with patients that have experienced ‘exceptional’ responses to cancer treatment. 

The study involving 111 patients with different types of cancer (Wheeler et al in Cancer Cell), identified several mechanisms – DNA damage response, intracellular signaling, immune engagement, and genetic alterations characteristic of favorable prognosis – which resulted in long-lasting responses to treatment.

In order to identify and understand the characteristics driving the exception response, the study used several genomic testing approaches. These included analysis of DNA mutations, RNA expression levels, DNA copy number alterations, and DNA methylation—as well as analysis of the immune cells in the tumor microenvironment. 

The researchers confirmed that molecular level diagnosis using genomic testing will assist in identifying suitable and targeted treatments to encourage further exceptional responses. Significantly, molecular analysis using genomic testing allowed the researchers to gain information beyond the level at which analysis under a microscope can provide.

They also identified the importance of the patient’s own immune system in combating the tumour, which is being further enhanced through the development of treatments that assist in kick-starting the immune system.

ConnectGene Care can assist you in finding the most suitable treatment by utilising the full range of genomic testing available to understand the molecular characteristics of your cancer.


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