Natural Killer Cells

Natural Killer (NK) Cells are a normal type of white blood cell that can attack some cancers (as well as cells infected by viruses).

NK cells may be “harvested” from the blood - like giving a blood donation - and then grown in the laboratory.

Reinfusion of NK cells into the blood is an experimental procedure in clinical trials, aimed to help control cancers. Effects of NK cells are usually of short duration. But, further NK cells can be reinfused later, if the cancer shows some response.

natural killer cells

CARs (Chimeric Antigen Receptors) can also be added to NK cells experimentally. These CAR-NK cells may then be reinfused in clinical trials, aimed to control cancers for longer, and to achieve better responses.

nk cells


Bi-Specific T-cell Engagers (BITE(R)s) are a type of protein designed to use the power of the immune system as a treatment for cancer. These bispecific molecules are formed by binding ends of two different antibodies.

BITE(R)s are in clinical trials for a wide range of cancers, but only licensed to treat leukaemia initially.

The key differentiation of BITE(R)s is the advantage of the “off the shelf” element, which may save time potentially costs for the patient. BITE(R) infusions are usually continued over several months.

ConnectGene can assess if NK Cells or BITE(R)s therapy is right for you

bispecific t cell engager

ConnectGene can assist in assessing your suitability for Natural Killer Cells or BITE(R)s therapy, beginning with the initial screening process, through to personalised treatment selection. From here, we organise your referral to a treatment centre that has the capability to deliver experimental Natural Killer Cells or BITE(R)s therapy on a clinical trial.

Speak to our team today to organise the first step of this process to see if Natural Killer Cells or BITE(R)s therapy may be suitable for your situation.

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