ConnectGene can provide a crucial second opinion in your cancer care. A second opinion may assist in the decision-making process, help you further understand your current treatment, as well as provide alternative treatment options.

Seeking a second opinion from another doctor or specialist is common. Your original doctor or another doctor can provide a referral, and you may ask for your medical history to be provided to the second opinion doctor.

ConnectGene’s approach ensures that your cancer treatment is personalised to you. Our oncology specialists cover standard protocol treatments, as well as emerging treatments being provided through clinical trials.

Genomic testing offers a more personalised approach to cancer treatment, giving you the best chance of survival. By looking at the DNA of your tumour, we can identify mutations that are unique to your cancer and find targeted solutions which may help fix them.

Clinical trials of over 70,000 patients have shown that genomic profiling of tumours is the most effective way to improve outcomes, especially regarding combating of toxic effects across cancers.

Investing in genomic testing to obtain a complete diagnosis and to select appropriate therapy is small compared with the potential cost of ill-chosen treatments.

If recommended by our specialist oncologist, performing genomic testing after treatment is still useful as it can provide alternative treatment options and drug targets, discover resistance mutations that may be causing progression of the disease, and enable you to track your response to treatment.

ConnectGene’s oncology specialist will seek to understand your medical history and examine and review any scans or test results that you can provide. Together, you will discuss possible treatment plans.

If treatment is recommended, our specialist will explain the procedure, help you understand what it involves, and explain the risks and benefits to you. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Hong Kong is a dynamic city where investment in technology and medical development is encouraged. Being based in Hong Kong, ConnectGene can build a global network of medical specialists, testing and treatment providers for our advanced approach to cancer care.



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