initial consultation

1Initial Consultation

Sit down for a one-on-one consultation with ConnectGene’s oncology specialist to understand your medical history.


2Screening and Advanced
Genomic Testing

ConnectGene will arrange for advanced genomic testing of your cancer to identify pathways for treatment that are tailored to your circumstances and tumour marker profile.

Individualised Treatment Plan

3Individualised Treatment Plan

Using the results of advanced genetic testing, ConnectGene’s oncology specialist will design an individualised treatment plan, and identify treatment centres with the capability to deliver the recommended treatment.

Accessing Treatment

4Accessing Treatment

ConnectGene will connect you to the identified treatment provider, and our oncology specialist will forward possible individual treatment modifications for you to discuss with the treatment provider.

ongoing review

5Ongoing Review

Throughout your treatment and beyond, ConnectGene’s oncology specialist will be available to guide you. Your treatment plan will be continually reviewed and adapted based on your results.

As part of the initial consultation, your oncology specialist will consider topics such as:

  • Tests necessary to identify an individualised treatment approach to your cancer;
  • Other health information necessary to determine the best course of treatment;
  • The risks of different cancer treatments and how can we reduce these risks;
  • The likely success of different treatments in your case; and
  • The estimated costs of different types of treatments.

ConnectGene’s oncology specialist will guide you through these questions, and can assist you with all necessary screening and advanced genomic testing procedures.

Your health condition is an important factor in cancer care, and will impact your ability to be suitable for and commence planned treatment.

Consultation with ConnectGene’s oncology specialist, Dr Michael Copeman, may be done in person at his clinic in Sydney, or remotely via Skype/Hangouts/FaceTime.

If further potential treatment options are identified during the initial consultation, ConnectGene will conduct a full medical review which includes:

  • A review of medical notes, including pathologic diagnosis and prior treatment to determine your relevant medical history;
  • Advanced genomic analysis of a sample of your cancer for targets to ascertain your individual markers and possible treatment providers globally;

Advanced genomic testing is arranged in conjunction with our testing partner Genomics for Life, located in Brisbane, Australia. We may also use other providers of advanced testing capability from time to time. ConnectGene will work with you to arrange for a sample to be sent for the relevant testing.

Utilising the medical history and advanced genomic analysis, ConnectGene’s oncology specialist will:

  • Provide treatment options available
  • Design an individualised treatment plan discussed and agreed with you
  • Identify the relevant treatment providers globally

Once a suitable treatment therapy and trusted provider has been identified, ConnectGene will facilitate an introduction to the treatment provider and assist with access.

ConnectGene’s oncology provider will provide you and the treatment provider with the recommended best-practice guidelines, however, discretion will lie with the selected treatment provider over the medical aspects of administering the treatment.

Cost for treatment will vary depending on the treatment therapy required. Treatment costs may also include any travel and accommodation expenses, as well as hospital and/or associated treatment fees.

ConnectGene can also be engaged to monitor your progress during and after treatment, to help ensure the best possible outcomes for you. This service includes:

  • Monitoring activity of residual cancer;
  • Checking on the function and persistence of the administered treatment;
  • Providing advice on treatments to augment the selected treatment therapy.

Further treatment therapy, or augmenting treatments required, may incur additional costs.


An initial consultation with our oncology specialist will include the following:

initial consultation


Sit down for a one-on-one consultation online or in-person with ConnectGene’s oncology specialist to understand your medical history.

support summary


At the end of the appointment, you will receive a consultation report and summary for you and your doctors.

testing consultation package


Based on the initial consultation, if you choose to continue with ConnectGene, a personalised testing and consultation package will be provided for your consideration.

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