What makes
ConnectGene different?

What makes ConnectGene different is our individual and holistic approach to cancer care.

ConnectGene uses your medical circumstances, including your genetics and the cancer’s genetics, to offer you the full range of options for treatment. These include consideration of the current protocols, but also whether you are suitable for immune, targeted or gene therapy.

As medical screening and testing advances, we are gaining the ability to treat cancer on a personalised level; based on the DNA/RNA of the cancer and how you are likely to interact with selected treatments. Through a more advanced genomic testing approach, we can plan your treatment with personalised insight, which may provide a breakthrough in the treatment of your cancer.


Standard treatment protocols for cancer that has spread usually involve intravenous chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These treatments can be over a period of several months.

Although often chemotherapy is only tolerated by people for a period of three to six months, with limited power to control the cancer.

In some cases, the chemotherapy drugs used today have been used in treatment for several decades. Cancer care does not need to be limited to such protocols.

Immune, targeted or gene therapies are often better tolerated than chemotherapy or radiation. In fact, some people who might not be able to tolerate chemotherapy may be able to receive immune, targeted or gene therapy.

In clinical trials, some cancers respond very well to these therapies, especially when they are chosen to match genetic changes in the particular cancer. There are, of course, risks and side effects with any treatment.

At ConnectGene, you will work with our oncology specialist to understand these and determine the right course of treatment for you.

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ConnectGene will provide a personalised selection of the most suitable cancer therapies, and referrals to a treatment centre with the capability to deliver the treatment effectively and at the right price.

Once treatment begins, ConnectGene will support you through the process and help provide the best possible outcome. We also provide ongoing review and support once your treatment is complete.

This may include regular consultation with you and your doctor, as well as arranging for further testing or additional treatment to enhance the efficacy of your treatment plan.

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For years, cancer treatment focused on surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Immunotherapy treatments are increasingly showing signs of efficacy a treatment option.

Immunotherapy looks to strengthen the power of a patient's immune system in an effort to attack tumours with better targeted and tolerated therapies.

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  • Expertise in existing and emerging cancer treatments globally
  • Access to world-class genomic profiling for personalised care
  • Guidance on understanding and selecting the most suitable cancer therapies
  • Ongoing review and support during and after your treatment
  • Identifying treatment centres that will deliver the selected therapy effectively and at the right price for you


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