• 12 January 2021
  • ConnectGene Care Team

A recent study of approximately 3,000 patients by the Mayo Clinic in JAMA Oncology (Samadder et al) has identified that up to a third of patients on standard cancer treatment protocols required changes in their treatment once genomic testing had identified more suitable treatments for their cancer.

Furthermore, inherited mutations were missed in half of the patients using standard testing, but were subsequently picked up using NGS genomic testing.

The risk of developing several cancers is closely linked to hereditary factors. Identifying a germline predisposition among patients and their families may have beneficial implications for required screening, choice of treatment and other supportive interventions. 

Studies such as this confirm the beneficial impact of wide-spread genomic testing for patient outcomes. 

Through ConnectGene Care, we can assess your current treatment suitability and hereditary risk factors utilising genomic testing to ensure your treatment is personalised to your needs.

While genomic testing remains relatively expensive compared to standard screening protocols, working with ConnectGene Care, we can help you identify the most appropriate tests at a price point suitable for your financial situation.


  • Samadder NJ, Riegert-Johnson D, Boardman L, et al. “Comparison of Universal Genetic Testing vs Guideline-Directed Targeted Testing for Patients With Hereditary Cancer Syndrome”. JAMA Oncol. Published online October 30, 2020. doi:10.1001/jamaoncol.2020.6252.

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Co-founded by an oncologist, ConnectGene Care works with expert pathologists to utilise advanced genomic testing, which allows us to personalise your treatment options.

With an individualised treatment plan in place, we will connect you to centres where this treatment may be available.

Throughout the process, you and your family will have opportunities to ask questions about your cancer diagnostic results and treatment options.

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