• 25 November 2020
  • ConnectGene Care Team

How does genomic testing help with my cancer?

Advances in genomic testing are allowing us to identify suitable treatments for cancer and understand how a patient’s cancer is likely to interact with the range of treatments available. 

Most mainstream approaches to treatment are based on standardised protocols revolving around surgery, chemotherapy and radiology. There is now clear evidence that such protocols may not be suitable in all cases as they do not take into account the efficacy of the treatment for the individual patient at the cell level. 

Using genomic testing, ConnectGene Care can examine the DNA and RNA of your cancer to match the most suitable and effective treatments for you. This may include the standard treatment protocols, or may allow us to find more targeted treatments available.

Clinical trials of over 70,000 patients have shown that personalised therapy, based on genomic profiling of tumours, is effective in improving outcomes, with higher response rates, longer progression free and overall survival, and fewer deaths related to adverse events across cancers.

Through a genomic testing approach, ConnectGene Care’s oncologist can plan your treatment with personalised insight.

What about the cost of genomic testing?

Genomic testing is more expensive compared to standard tests. Recent studies, however, have shown that the increased upfront cost may lead to substantial cost savings and reduced mortality risk over time. 

This is because genomic testing allows us to determine the efficacy of treatments and identify which are most suitable at the cellular level for your cancer, ensuring you do not lose precious time and money on ill-suited treatments.

Studies have looked at the impact of genomic profiling in the treatment of cancer, with researchers finding an association between the timing of genomic testing and reduced costs and mortality risk.


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ConnectGene Care Team

Co-founded by an oncologist, ConnectGene Care works with expert pathologists to utilise advanced genomic testing, which allows us to personalise your treatment options.

With an individualised treatment plan in place, we will connect you to centres where this treatment may be available.

Throughout the process, you and your family will have opportunities to ask questions about your cancer diagnostic results and treatment options.

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